Our People

Danni Rais

Danni Rais completed his LLB at Aberystwyth University in 2007, after which he moved to Cardiff University to complete his LLM in Commercial Law and later his Bar Vocational Course. Upon his return to Malaysia in 2010, Danni decided to set himself apart from his peers by entering the corporate world, joining Berjaya Corporation Berhad in a business development role.

In 2018, Danni left Berjaya Corporation Berhad as the Deputy General Manager of Business Development. During his time there, he handled a wide range of companies and was involved in various aspects of the corporation’s expansion, including mergers and acquisitions, international franchise deals, sponsorship for football clubs, and the revival of failing companies. The companies under his care included an F&B company field specialising in Northern Malay cuisine, a tech company focused on domestic and overseas fleet management and an electronics franchise from the USA. Danni was also appointed as a Director of Cardiff City Football Club, a position that he still holds today.

lawyer and client

Having accumulated knowledge from the corporate world, Danni pursued his interest in the legal field and began his chambering at Messrs Shahrizat Rashid & Lee in 2018, after which he was retained as an Associate. During his tenure at Messrs Shahrizat Rashid & Lee, Danni worked on a wide range of legal matters such as commercial litigation, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, and probate matters

Danni is also active in the field of nation-building, having been involved in various NGOs and political work since his college days. He started in politics at the tender age of 23 with a view that youth participation in politics is extremely important in the development of a country. However, his main interest was in charity work, and he has been a part of organisations including ONE (Organisation for National Empowerment), which he headed for four years with a focus on education in Malaysia.

Danni now practices law at Messrs Rais & Co, having joined the firm in 2021.


Sheela Menon graduated from University of London with an Honours Degree in law in 1997. She pursued her career as a legal advisor in an American company based in Kuala Lumpur until year 2002 and commenced pupillage at Messrs Murali B. Pillai & Associates. She was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in year 2004 and continued her practice at the same firm until year 2014. Thereafter, she joined Messrs Naimah & Partners as a Partner of the firm in year 2015. She then ventured on her own and started her own firm, Messrs Sheela & Co in 2016, presently known as Messrs Rais & Co.

In her years of practice, she has handled a wide array of matters in the areas of civil litigation, criminal litigation, conveyancing and corporate matters, amongst other things.